How Your Dog Thinks

Gray Or Timber Wolf

Gray Or Timber Wolf


The dog has evolved from the wolf, making the dog a pack animal. your dog does not think of you as a human. Rather, he perceives you as another dog, and your family as his pack. For this reason, it is important to establish your position in the hierarchy as pack leader (Top Dog). If the proper rank is not established, your dog will reduce you to a “litter mate”. In nature, no two dogs or wolves in the same pack rank equally. When your dog is unsure about his position in the hierarchy, the dog may assume a dominant role in the household, resulting in behavioral problems or even worse, aggression.



Understanding Your Dog

Siberian Husky Dog

Siberian Husky Dog


Owning a dog or puppy without proper training can be a very challenging and trying experience. Training a dog requires time, patience and the skills of a professional. Shane F. Beardsworth, one of the area’s foremost trainers, can provide you with the expertise you need. Shane has been a professional dog trainer/behaviorist for over thirty years/ He began his career as an agitator and had evolved as a specialist in behavior and obedience. Shane practices all relevant techniques and methods. He is one of the countries most experienced e collar trainers. Shane is also a disciple of Tri-TRonics/DObbs Training Systems.


Scenario 1 No Established rank: Your dog has deaf ear when asked to follow basic commands such as sitting, staying or recall (coming back when called). Without established rank (being the top dog or pack leader, disciplining leadership). The dog may soil the carpet, steal, chew, decide to take food off the kitchen counter and raid the trash cans. Often dogs that feel they are the leader of the pack will dig holes in the yard, ruin landscaping, and jump on the door, or bark excessively when guests arrive. The dog may become overly exuberant and jump on your guests.


Golden Retriever dog digging holeDog Eating Food In Kitchen

Scenario 2 Established Rank: When your dog is told to sit, stay or come, the dog obeys the command. Your dog will not soil the carpet, steal, chew or rummage in the trash. Your dog will not ruin your landscaping or jump on the door. When guests arrive, your dog will maintain a calm composure. In general, when you have established yourself in the hierarchy as the pack leader your dog will develop a willingness to please you.


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