A Tribute To Mr. Ruger

Hello Shane,

Thank you the kind words this morning in regards to Mr. Ruger.

Mr. Ruger came to us through Doberman Rescue and was at times as you know a challenge. However, after we had him trained by AAA Dog Training this guy turned out to be more than we ever expected. He did everything he was told and came to be an even better dog exemplified by confidence and the willingness to please. Even when I took him to the Emergency Vet as much pain as he was in he automatically sat without command. Children became to know him and although he was weary of them he would show no signs of aggression. He became a total Gentle Giant. A dog that was a sincere pleaseue to be with. His training made him a spokesman for the Doberman Breed.

I have attached a tribute to this GUY as we lost a true companion and dedicated friend. Mr. Ruger is a training success story for you and AAA Dog Training.

Please put this on your web site as it will show what sound training, patience, practice and love can do for a dog and what they will become

With Kindest Ragards,

Pat & Barry

Mr. Ruger & the Promise

Dear Mr. Ruger,

You have arrived across the Rainbow Bridge in a wonderful land with no pain, no suffering and no more storms to fear. You’re in a land where all loyal companions live, play and wait patiently by the gate for the reunion. That place is a special place built by God as your waiting room for that special day when we will be together again. With your elegant beauty, a royal appearance, intelligence without doubt, the agility of a gymnast, and unconditional love, what other breed could guard this gate…but you…the Doberman?

Among the tall buildings and cold streets of Baltimore city you roamed as a starving and abused gentle giant who longed for love and affection. Deep in your mind were a million stories of which we never knew or learned…accept one…”Love Me and I will return that Love one-hundred fold”. This is all you told us through your body language, actions and trusting affection which grew as the months went on. Your personality, loyalty and dedication became clear…”You will never own me, for I have chosen you.” And you did, as you slowly and deeply captured our hearts.

We didn’t know you long, less than two years, but, in that time, we learned and grew with you as you slowly lowered the wall of barriers under your black shiny coat and athletic build. You grew to trust and love us and we grew with you. You were a real clown at times, a friend to guests, a fearless guardian of the gate, and defender of your new home and loved ones. Mr. Ruger, you were a handsome guy that was rescued and traveled your journey to us through several foster homes. As you looked at me with those dark eyes and alert ears in the quiet of that first night after all went to bed, I promised you that this was your last stop and you need not worry any more. You slowly and cautiously walked over to me and gently rested your weary head on my lap. Quietly, I petted you, comforted you and spoke to you in a low and soothing voice. This is the moment our commitment to you and your trust in us began. Yes, there were challenging times as we learned your secrets, but, you seemed to say, “Please do not give up on me”. But after all, we had given you the promise.

Mr. Ruger, you became the gentleman and the gentle giant. Of medium stature, you Mr. Ruger became more than we ever dreamed. Over time your kindness and trust surfaced and you truly became royalty. You gave more than one-hundred fold; you gave your all without conditions. You brought love from deep inside and gave it full. Mr. Ruger, if we could learn love from you, our human world would be a much better place.

Mr. Ruger, after all you gave us, our decision was most difficult, but, we would not let you suffer, so you departed us this night, only to return shortly and be placed in your rightful place of Honor. Ruger, we retired your collar and favorite blanket with the highest admiration. We have made a special quiet place high on the Wall of Honor where you will finally rest, just as you have earned …for as the promise was… and is my loyal friend, this is your last stop. You will be with us forever.

Mr. Ruger, you’re deeply loved and sorely missed…big BUDDY. Enjoy the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and wait at the gate for us as we pray for that special day. THANK YOU Lord for allowing us to know him, love him and cherish him. THANK YOU, Mr. Ruger for giving us the privilege. AMEN.

With All of Our Love Forever,

Pat & Barry – Your Adopted Mom & Dad
PS: Ole’ Buddy, get to know Mr. Magnum. He pioneered the way for you to us.