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Endorsements from our Satisfied Clients

As Director of AAA Dog Training, Shane is a Professional lead trainer/behaviorist that has been recognized and recommended by veterinarians, rescue groups, kennels, pet shops, and dog groomers, not to mention his many satisfied clients

Before we met Shane, it was pretty hard taking Ozzy on walks, having guests over, he would bark at every dog walking by us, even if they were calm, and at home he would always be barking if he saw someone walking by or an animal by our house, and his recall was not the best even though we have tried to train him. We met Shane and he was able to take him in immediately for boot camp, Shane is the one to go

to if you need your dog trained ASAP. When we picked Ozzy up, he was still the same goofball we dropped off except he was trained, he is very obedient now, amazing recall and off leash walks is an option for us now! he barks one time to alert us if something fishy’s going on outside and he won’t bark more, he knows the drill now, if someone rings the doorbell or knocks, he goes to his bed and stays there until guests are settled in and we give him his break command, he doesn’t scare or bark at people anymore, he doesn’t even look at other dogs on walks anymore, Shane knows what he’s doing and he’s the guy to go to if your dog have behavior issues


One week out from training with Shane and my Hunny is doing great! What a difference. My life is so much easier and we are both much much happier. I cannot believe the difference he made. This guy is the real deal, old school, and honest. You are getting exactly what you pay for. I took her through the busy streets of DC today and she did not get distracted by kids, other dogs, things to smell… nothing! Thank you so much Shane!!

Magdeline Schoonover


We can now take Lucy on the boardwalk and she behaves beautifully! No barking or showing aggression.

Tina Gallant


A few years ago we had Shane from aaadogtraining.com come to the house to help train our first bulldog. (80lbs & very stubborn) REMEMBER- The $39 class at PetSmart is not going to stop a strong willed dog from doing whatever it wants but Shane will. He teaches you his techniques and takes your dog to the next level in obedience. Shane is one of the best dog trainers in Maryland. (not the cheapest but again, you get what you pay for)

David DeCarlo

Dog Training Ellicott City

Shane was amazing..one visit and he helped me manage Harper’s aggression to other dogs on the leash and when she sees them on TV! She is a model citizen now…thanks, Shane


dog training Potomac

Ok, I am going to just tell it like it is….our Banana Dog was one hot mess. He had ADHD, nipping problems, chased everyone and if you looked up over exuberance in the dictionary….you would find his picture. Worst of all he was always outside because our six children just couldn’t take him anymore. We reached out to Shane and two weeks later, he was a new dog! He is now much calmer, can heel, sit, stay and most importantly he is listening to us! He knows not to run out of the house as well. Night and day. If you have a crazy dog like our Banana Dog, I can recommend AAA Dog Training knowing you will get your dog trained right! Thank you AAA Dog Training and a special shout out to Shane!


Dog Training Westminster

My dog is a Sprollie mix (Springer Spaniel and Border Collie) she’s almost 7 months old. My family and I really struggled with her, she’s full of energy, smart, and could be very stubborn. She would We tried other methods of training which did not work. Then we found Shane, she attended his two-week puppy Bootcamp and when she returned we noticed a completely different puppy. She is 100% better, we do not regret going with AAA dog training. I would definitely work with him again for the next dog that I get.

Thank you, Shane. Amazing work.



Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you.


I have a 3 month old mix. I have had dogs for years. And have gone to obedience school with all of them. Although you would never have known it w some of them. I would like to try something different this time. I live in Newark De and got your card form my vet. New London Animal Hospital. Would you please forward information. Do you have classes nearby, come to the house?.. I have started working w him a bit on our walks. But would really like to be able to take this dog to restaurants and have him well behaved. With people and other dogs.

Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you.


Dog Training Annapolis

Shane is an incredible trainer!

Our dog Nina was over-aggressive to new people and a few family members. We were worried because we were unable to control her. Shane totally turned this dog around. And he also taught us how to be a better dog owner. I can now take Nina in public and most times she is the best behaving dog in the park. She loves meeting new people now and I can even walk her without a leash. I never would’ve thought this dog would listen so well. Shane is an excellent trainer and I will continue to request him in the future!!

Thanks Shane!



Shane is a dog training genius!

Our new rescue dog, Sarge, came to us at 1 year old with no manners and no boundaries. He is a high energy doberman who had no social skills and was embarrassing to take out. We were given a training brochure at our vet’s office because he was so crazy. We struggled with training him on our own and were desperate for help. I called the number on the brochure, practically in tears, and Shane answered. He spoke to me, giving me advice for 20 minutes, and he came to our house that evening to help us. He was amazing at teaching us how to train and correct Sarge. Sarge was like a new dog the next day. After every session, Sarge’s obedience improved. While we were working on training at a local park, several people commented on how obedient Sarge was and they were so impressed by Shane’s work that they asked for his number. Our house is peaceful again because of Shane. He is a miracle worker and I am so happy our vet gave us that brochure. We are forever grateful for his skills as a trainer. Shane is a dog training genius!



“I would recommend Shane to every dog owner”

After we lost our cat of 15-years, the children talked us into getting our 1st dog. My husband and I made the decision to hire a trainer even before we brought our new puppy home. After we had Max about a week, we had our initial session with the trainer we hired. After several months of working with her, we found that our house was filled with 5 baby gates, 2 crates, a bag full of cheese in every corner, and one hellacious alpha dog! When the kids came home from school, it was pure bedlam in our house. Max was eating homework, shoes, defecating in the house, getting into the garbages and biting the kids in the face. Although the dog trainer said it was just a phase, I became very discouraged. One day while at the vet, I picked up one of Shane’s business cards. Even though I liked our other trainer, I decided to try someone else as things appeared to be getting worse instead of better.

Shane came out to our home and listened to our woes. Then, the “real” training began! After just 1 session, Max was nearly housebroken and he quickly found out that he was no longer the boss. I can honestly say that I am no longer miserable in my own house. I can take Max off lead and go out to the mailbox without worry. He listens and obeys commands.

I would recommend Shane to every dog owner and my only regret is that I didn’t use him sooner. I found him to be very professional and reliable. He returned my phone calls in a timely manner and was always very helpful answering all my questions. Max has now graduated and is a model citizen.


DeniseReisterstown, Maryland

Carson & Ritter

“Thank you for taking the work and frustration out of puppyhood.”

“After the loss of our dear Bodie, we brought Carson home to be Ritter’s new friend. Knowing Ritter was dominant and inappropriately aggressive, we brought Shane in to work with him to ensure the safety of the new puppy. What we did not realize is what a difference training at a very early age could have on the peaceful raising of a puppy.

Not only is Ritter the gentle-dog we always knew he could be, walking calmly without pulling, respecting my husband and I, but Carson at 6-months of age is amazing. I thought we would take him to the “treat and train” and am so glad we did not. Carson so wants to please that his training has been effortless – he now heals on and off leash, can be sent to his place where he remains until released, and does not exhibit inappropriate chewing or other destructive behavior.

Thanks Shane for helping to make our dogs a joy to live with and the envy of the neighborhood. Also thanks for taking the work and frustration out of puppy hood.”

Thanks Shane…


“Shane did an incredible job with our German Shepherd”

Shane did an incredible job with our German Shepherd. We were having issues with aggressive behavior towards small dogs. Shane came to our home and did andog image in-home evaluation of Sarge and fully explained his observations and gave us his recommendations for training and behavior modifications. We can now walk Sarge without the fear of his barking and lunging when small dogs bark and provoke him. I would recommend Shane without any reservations for training and behavior modification. Shane also calls periodically to check on Sarge’s progress

Thanks Shane…



“Our family is fortunate to have Shane train our dog Cinnamon.”

In May 2004 we got Cinnamon, an approximately 1.5 year old mixed breed Collie / Shepherd, from the Baltimore County Humane Society. Although we had been led to believe by his previous owner that Cinnamon had been house broken, socialized, and was well mannered, we soon found out we had our hands full. Cinnamon was quite rambunctious, enjoyed tormenting our six year old and his friends (in a playful but rambunctious doggie way), would run away when the opportunity presented itself, stood at our front window – on the furniture – and barked at whatever passed by our house, and other unacceptable behaviors. We tried various “remedies” before deciding on AAA Dog Training, and Shane Beardsworth. In June and July Shane worked with Cinnamon, as well as my wife and me and our three sons, to establish rank in the family, as well commands such as heal, sit, stay, down, go to your bed, general distraction training, and boundary training.

From the moment we started, it was evident that Shane likes dogs, and likes what he does. He quickly helped us take control of the situation with Cinnamon, and helped us establish rank with our dog. Early on Shane said that by the time he would be done training Cinnamon (and us) our dog would be so well behaved that we would be able to walk Cinnamon outside without a leash. At that time I was quite skeptical. And – having owned dogs before, but never having had to resort to a “personal dog trainer”, we were concerned about the methods that would be used and whether the process would also rid the dog of its playful nature and spirit – traits that initially attracted us to Cinnamon. Shane understood our concerns and was quite re-assuring. At all times we were together – Cinnamon, Shane, and our family. Between sessions with Shane we each practiced with Cinnamon. The methods Shane used to train our dog were quite reasonable and logical. Shane was firm and decisive with our dog, but at all times the techniques were quite humane and appropriate. In about eight weeks everything that Shane promised was accomplished. Now we have a well adjusted pet who behaves appropriately and aims to please. He stays on our property when we are outside (without an electronic fence or any other restraints), he behaves appropriately, and is a pleasure to take for walks or play. Cinnamon is now “best friends” with our neighbors and their children and their dogs – everyone loves him. He truly has become a great pet. Our family is fortunate to have had Shane train our dog Cinnamon.

David Pikesville, Maryland


“We would highly recommend you to everyone and anyone.”

Dear Shane,

First, I want to thank you for everything you have done to help us get Rex trained!! You did a great job!! Before you, we tried a franchise. This company was a big joke! They only came out twice and we never saw or heard from them again! We had emailed and called to try and get more help and we never heard back! This “company” wanted us to throw small bags at the feet of Rex and growl when doing it. Needless to say that was a big joke! I wanted Rex to be able to do all main commands and also and also be off lead without running away! As you know, Rex is a 70 pound Shepard/hound mix and very stubborn. There was no way Rex was going to listen to us by throwing a bag at him. Not to mention, there is now way I could throw that goofy bag at him if he was 20 or more yards away! That company was a huge waste of money and time for us! I would NEVER EVER recommend that company to anyone. On the other hand, I would recommend you to anyone I know.

Again I have to thank you so much for coming to our rescue. You were there every time for us and you will be there in the future! Rex is now running off lead, he comes when called, he knows sit, stay, heal and a few others as well! You were highly recommend to us and we will highly recommend you to everyone and anyone! Thanks again. we’ll see you soon.

Yours truly, Marshall & Christy


“I truly believe our trainer is a magician!”

We are the proud owners of a Kuvasz. His name is Touchdown. Our two year old dog was seriously affecting our peaceful household. At 145 lbs., he had quite a commanding hold over all. Kuvasz are a breed from Hungary, known as guard dogs to royalty. The only alpha in our home was my husband.

Touchdowns aggression touched everything!!! Our neighbors dreaded getting their newspapers, going to their cars for work in the morning, or just relaxing outdoors. He would charge the front window, bark incessantly, and nearly knock our seven year old down!!

Play-dates for our two sons were a nightmare. We couldn’t get Touchdown to stop barking at them, he was in his crate of course.

It got to the point that we didn’t want to entertain in our own home! This dog had taken over our lives Shane enters the picture. After the usual obedience training class failed I was skeptical that this guy could solve our disaster. My husband insisted we just try this as a last resort. My jaw dropped when he wrote a check just after a brief consultation with Shane.

Fast forward to the present, I truly believe our trainer is a magician! Touchdown now listens to a one word command. There is respect when a person enters our home, and our neighbors thought we had given touchdown away because he was so quiet.

Instead of becoming a Free Agent this dog now goes to his End-zone (place or bed command) and stays up to an hour. Victory is ours in pursuing Mr. Shane Beardsworth. He restored sanity and a lot of joy in our home. The process was well worth the time and cost.

Stephen and Hope, Laurel, Maryland


“You can teach an old dog new tricks.”

Before AAA dog training, if you looked up the word over-exuberance in the dictionary, there was a picture of my 85 Ib, 2 year old dog Atlas. He chewed my Dr. Marten sandals, dug a hole in my couch, ate my tax returns and dragged me down a cement hill upon sighting a squirrel. After much bruising, scratches and leash bums, I decided that Atlas needed to be trained, so I enrolled in a nearby food reward based “dog training” class. The ten week course yielded NO improvements in Atlas’ behavior. I began to think he was “untrainable.” After a few months of frustration, catastrophe struck: I tore two ligaments in my knee and fractured my tibia. With 2 months before surgery and 6 months of rehabilitation ahead, I thought for certain that I would need to find my pulling beast a new owner. Desperate and saddened at the thought of losing my furry friend, I called AAA dog training. The trainer, Shane, assured me that Atlas’ behavior would be ameliorated immediately once he showed me how to properly discipline and achieve rank with the dog.

Six weeks post-surgery, I walked a dog that I never knew could be glued to my left leg. Atlas accompanies me to the office during the workday, walks with me at the dog park off-leash and chews nothing more than his own rawhides. Rarely is there a walk nowadays when Atlas is not commended for his excellent behavior. Thanks to AAA dog training, I am the envy of all my dog-owning friends.

Julie, Baltimore


“AAA Dog Training was truly one of the best choices we ever made.”

In October, 2002, we adopted Sparky. At the time, he was ten months old. All records indicated that we were the fifth place that Sparky had come to know as home. Sparky was a very playful, yet had a very hard time as accepting our home as his own. He had quite an attitude and was very possessive of anything he had. His house training was not entirely successful. His aggressiveness escalated to the point that he was doing what he wanted to do. We had him enrolled in a local dog obedience school, where he howled and acted out during class. We were getting nothing out of it and ended up quitting the class halfway through.

In January 2003, Sparky’s aggression had reached a level that left us seriously questioning whether or not we could keep him. At this point, he had bitten his owner – sending him to the hospital for stitches. We knew that if we sent Sparky to the pound, however, no one would adopt him and he would most likely be put down. It was at this time we realized we needed a miracle, and we found one with Shane at AAA Dog Training.

In our search for a solution, we knew only that we didn’t want to end up in a class like we had dropped out of. We spent several hours on the phone interviewing trainers and Shane intrigued us. His experience was impressive and he was confident in his ability to achieve our desired outcome. To be honest, we may have been slightly skeptical at first, but, when Shane explained his training methods, we understood that this was probably our only hope of keeping Sparky as a member of our family. Once Shane began our program, the quick changes in Sparky’s attitude and behavior quickly eliminated our doubts and bolstered our confidence.

Shane told us that he would have to break the bad behavior patterns in Sparky and let him know who was in charge. He worked with Sparky to quickly gain his unquestionable respect and taught us how to work with Sparky in his absence to attain a similar level of trust and respect. While being tough on Sparky was difficult at times, we quickly realized its importance in correcting our problem and were quickly rewarded with his vastly improved attitude. Sparky’s training quickly expanded to his learning to know and respect the boundaries of both our house and yard. Shane worked with us to teach Sparky basic on and off-leash commands and behavior. In a short period of time, we had a level of control that allowed us to comfortably interact with Sparky and enjoy him.

Sparky is now a wonderful pet and has become an important part of our family. He is now well acclimated to our home. He is now happy, playful, loving, trusting, and respectful. It is hard to think that, without Shane’s help, we may have been unable to keep him. AAA Dog Training was truly one of the best choices we ever made.

Sherrie, Elliott City


“Our dog now understands he is NOT the king of the palace and responds to our verbal commands off leash.”

Our one and half year old German Shepard, Duke, was exhibiting traits that caused us concern. He was chasing cars, chewed up two kitchen floors, chewed at molding around the house, growling at family members, nose on the tables, attempting to take food off the table, and playing very rough (biting). In general, Duke was not an obedient dog and he thought he was king of our palace. I had consulted our veterinarian and they had provided us with three trainers. I had called the first one however the tone was one of nurturing and passive correction. I had thought we were well past this so we went on to research others on the list. The second one which I called was AAA Dog Training. I had spoke with Shane two times before making the final decision to engage his services. After going through 8 weeks of training with AAA Dog Training I can honestly say that I had made the right decision.

Our dog now understands he is NOT the king of the palace and responds to our verbal commands off leash. Yes, off leash. Now when individuals visit our home they are shocked with the changes they see in Duke. It is one thing to own a dog and another thing to own a dog that is obedient. We have been in both scenarios and enjoy having a dog who listens to us. We understand that we must keep working with Duke however at least we have the knowledge and the tools to be better owners creating an environment to foster a dog with great obedience.

Sherrie, Elliott City


“now we can play with him off lead and he never runs away”

Dear Shane,

Here is a picture of Scooby to put on your website along with this: When we first got Scooby from the shelter he was a very sweet dog, but he ran away a lot and we spent hours tracking him down anytime he got out. We also took him to a group training class at the local humane society which was a complete waist of time and money for us.

Finally we found Shane, who helped Scooby to become the best behaved dog in our neighborhood; now we can play with him off lead and he never runs away, in fact he has become a super fun sweet dog that we always new he could be. After training with Shane Scooby heals on and off lead, comes when called, sits and lays down on command and goes to his place when told; I don’t know what we would have done. Truthfully it’s the best money I have spent; having a well trained dog opens up a whole new experience in being a dog owner, its so enjoyable now to go for a walk and take Scooby out to the park and even in the car.


Becky and Chris

“I would recommend AAA Dog Training to anyone.”

Dear Shane,

I want to thank you so much for helping us with our dogs. Before you came we were considering finding new homes for them because I was pregnant and we had no luck with other things we had tried. Before you came our dogs Sadey (65lbs.) and Casey (120lbs.) were out of control. They ran the house. I was worried that the dogs would harm my new baby when she came-not on purpose but because they were so over-exuberant. We tried going to obedience classes at a local rec center but were kicked out because Sadey kept jumping and would get Casey too excited. That was one of the reason we had them in that class-to control our dogs.

You cannot get anywhere with a trainer that is intimidated. We knew our dogs were good dogs, they just needed to be taught how to behave. They were only use to it being my husband and I. We could not have company without locking our dogs up because they would jump on them and they wanted to be in their face getting attention. People were very scared. They are big dogs. Shane came and helped us regain control. He worked with us and even modified some things for me because I was pregnant. We learned how to be consistent with our dogs. We can now have company and they do not move unless we tell them to. They went from walking us to walking by our sides without needing a leash. I walked both dogs through my entire pregnancy with now problem. People are not afraid to come visit us now. They are both great with the baby too. They are very easy with her and when they are around her. Casey always needs to be near the baby. She lays on the floor right next to us if I have the baby on a blanket. Shane does not just train your dogs and gives them back to you and expect you to be able to make them listen. Shane teaches you how to train your dogs. The one on one attention is what we needed with our dogs that were so spoiled. Sadey and Casey are so still the same dogs, they just listen to commands and stay calm. They both showed improvement everyday and seem even happier now than they did before. They know what is expected of them and they know who is in charge. I have complete confidence in my dogs because Shane taught us how to train our dogs. I would recommend AAA dog training to anyone. It is the best thing I ever did for my family.

Thank You So Much,

Lisa and Bruce, Baltimore

Dog Training Silver Spring

“Shane understands dogs and their owners quite well.”

We began using AAA Dog Training and Shane Beardsworth back in 1990 when we adopted our first dog, “Wesley”, a chihuahua. Since then, AAA has trained our other two dogs, Chocolate and Butterscotch, also chihuahuas. Shane understands dogs and their owners quite well and has done an exceptional job with all three of our family’s “best friends”. I would highly recommend him with no reservations!

Sherrie, Elliott City


Jet….”noticeably changed Jet’s responses within the first 15 minutes of his first session.”

0ur dog, Jet, was unmanageable. He continually challenged us by nipping, destructively chewing, jumping on furniture, and stealing from the table. Shane from AAA Dog Training noticeably changed Jet’s responses within the first 15 minutes of his first session. Jet wasn’t the only one to learn a lesson. Over the next six weeks, Shane systematically to taught us how to control Jet and train him properly. Now, Jet is the best dog in the house (we have three) and has become a loving, loyal companion. We highly recommend AAA Dog Training to anyone with a problem dog.

Lisa – Abingdon


“When you go through training it makes you wonder why EVERYONE doesn’t do the same.”

Shane started working with my Rottweiler, Mia, when she was a few months old. He came to our home and first talked to us about the do’s and don’ts of puppy raising. After my wife and I sat down with Shane we realized two things. We were going to be 100% dedicated to raising a well behaved dog and also we realized that Shane was the person we wanted to lead the way! His knowledge was evident the first 15 minutes we sat and talked to him and just knew with Shane’s direction our Rottie would be the best it could be. A month or so later we started our training sessions with Shane at the house and they were great. I was very involved in the training which I thought was good. The reason I thought this was good was I wanted Mia to listen to me after Shane left. Without my participation she would not view me as a dominant figure in her life. As the months went on the training continued and to see Mia’s progress was amazing. She learned very quickly and really listened to Shane. The addition of an electric collar in the training produced amazing results also.

Hiring Shane was the best thing we could have ever done for Mia and our family. Mia now knows the difference between right and wrong and she also knows what is expected of her in different situations. When people enter our home she does not jump on them, she does not chew anything in the house except her chew toys and among other things she has a disposition of a loving dog with the calm behavior we were hoping for. With quite a few one word commands she understands what they represent and aims to please when I speak them to her. Mia is now eight months old and she weighs around seventy-two pounds. She is a loving and kind dog and we owe this to Shane and his expertise. Shane in his training with Mia was confident and caring. He cared about her like she was his own and we appreciate him for this. As a dog owner we love our dogs like a part of the family so we want someone to show compassion for them but also want the job done. Shane showed both at the same time. With Shane leading the way Mia knew who the boss was but also strived to please Shane during the training sessions.

Now as we have completed our training with Shane, Mia listens to me as she did with Shane. My wife and I walk her on a daily basis for exercise and also to stay on top of what she has learned we work with her daily. Our goals have been reached with Mia. We wanted her to be a loving, well behaved Rottweiler and I feel we have that in her. Granted, as a puppy she still has her moments but with her knowing I am the dominant one it does not take much to settle her down. As Shane said Mia will continue to test us to see if we will break and to see if the dominance can be switched from me to her, but we will never let that happen!!! I want to take this time to thank Shane for all he has done for us and Mia. He has made Mia the best dog she could be and also at the same time made my wife and I the best owners we could be. Shane keep up the good work!! A funny thing is now you have me looking at other dogs I see either in parks or being walked by their owners to see what type of behavior they have. I see more that have no discipline than more that have it. It makes me think “That could be me getting walked by my dog”, not me walking my dog. When you go through training your dog it makes you wonder why EVERYONE does not do the same. We have allot of dog owners that are OWNED by their dogs. Thanks Shane for making me the BOSS!!!!

Brad – Abingdon

“When you go through training it makes you wonder why EVERYONE doesn’t do the same.”

“I just wanted to say thanks to Shane on behalf of my wife Debbie and I for training Maple and us. We knew we had a challenge with our little Redbone Coonhound as she is hard-wired to pick up a scent and run. Up until Shane’s training we seldom let Maple off lease as we had no way of convincing her to come back. Shane used a disciplined approach with Maple and us and we soon realized the fantastic benefits of proper training.

Combined with a Dogtra collar, we now walk Maple through a forest area near our house everyday with no worries at all. She is responsive and obedient and most importantly, she is safer because we have the confidence in knowing she won’t get into a situation we can’t control.

Thanks again for your expertise and for bringing a positive and friendly attitude to the process.”

Sincerely, Glenn


“Everywhere we go people want to know who trained Gus”


We just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for training Gus and to wish you a Happy New Year. Everywhere we go people want to know who trained Gus. We always tell everyone about Gus’ training lessons. Of course, Gus wasn’t the only one that was trained – you did a good job with Bill & I too. Gus is doing well and just had his first birthday. He weighs just about 90 pounds and that’s pretty big even for an English Chocolate Lab! I am so glad you trained him when you did – if he hadn’t been trained early, I wouldn’t have the well behaved dog I have now and he would have been too much for me to handle. I tell everyone when Shane and Gus were together, Gus would look up at Shane and ask, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & HOW MUCH. He only had eyes for you!

Bill & I have tried to keep him on his toes. I often think of those outings with you and hope you are well and enjoy the dogs you will be training this year. I know they will enjoy being with you.



“Shane’s help was the answer to saving a good marriage.”

Sophie is big, she is strong, she is fast. She is a giant–a black Giant Schnauzer. Sophie was born at the Liefhond Kennels in Orillia, Ontario, Canada, on April 10, 2002. We bought her seven weeks later, and brought her to Maryland. She was two inches shorter than my brother-in-law’s miniature Schnauzer Toby. Sophie continued to grow, and this past summer of 2003 she weighed 85 pounds, and Toby could walk under her without touching. When Sophie was nine months old we took her with us in our RV for the winter. Most of the winter was wet, and our trip was not pleasant. Sophie was for most of the time, out of control. She would pull on the leash and jump on people. There was several times we almost headed for home. Arriving home the first of April, we contacted Shane at AAA Dog Training, Inc. He worked with Sophie and us for several weeks discouraging bad behavior and with training encouraged good behavior. Sophie will now heal, sit, go down, do a down stay, come and leave it all with and without a lead. Shane’s help was the answer to saving a good marriage. Sophie is still big, strong and fast, but she is a much better dog to control, and a pleasure to be around.

Don – Forest Hill

Rudy & Rocky

“We can’t believe the success we’ve had.”

We tried the “food and treat” training, which did not work. With AAA Dog training, our dogs Rudy & Rocky now walk off lead. We can’t believe the success we’ve had.

Don – Forest Hill


“We have broken him of all his annoying habits.”

Shane, I really wanted to thank you for working with myself and Guinness (my one year old Rottener). He follows all the commands and we have broken him of all his annoying habits, but he has not lost his playful misdemeanor. Thanks again.

George – Timonium

“Thank you, Shane, for helping our one-time “problem child” become a well-behaved member of the family.”

While our one year old Rottweiler, Enno, has a sweet personality and a great temperament, he was not responding to the training methods that had worked with our previous Rottweilers. He is an extreme “high energy” dog that has a play drive stronger than any dog we’ve met. He loves to be chased, and would grab things off of tables and shelves just to have us chase him. Even if he was corrected when we eventually caught him, the fun of the chase was worth it to him. We were also having trouble with mouthing and nipping when playtime got too rough, which was often. Traditional verbal corrections, chain collars and even pinch collars were just not making an impression. Since we are in the process of adopting an infant we needed to have our dog under our control for the baby’s safety and our own sanity!
When we discussed our problems with Shane, he suggested trying an electronic collar. We had not used one before and were a little wary until after our first day of training. After that first day, Enno was heeling, had stopped jumping on the living room furniture and had nearly stopped stealing things. Enno no longer had the fun of the chase when he grabbed something off of the table. The correction was fast, unavoidable and humane. Better yet, the correction doesn’t depend on strength or proximity of the handler, so either of us could correct him effectively from anywhere in the house. Over the next several training sessions with Shane, we learned how to gain Enno’s respect and encourage the behavior we wanted. Within two months, Enno was heeling on a long, loose leash in a public park, walking past other dogs, ducks and strangers without any problems. He knows his down, stay and place commands better than we ever hoped. He is still the same goofy, playful beast as always, only now he knows his limits.

Thank you, Shane, for helping our one-time “problem child” become a well-behaved member of the family.

Jonathan and Courtney


“We worked well together as he instructed us on how to handle the dog’s aggressive behavior. ”

Shane Beardsworth is a dog training specialist who knows what he is doing. Our dog Bubba has a problem with motivated aggression. He is a shepherd mix with an alpha-male type personality. If it had not been for Shane, our dog would be gone now. We worked well together as he instructed us on how to handle the dog’s aggressive behavior. We recommend Shane for anyone who needs to solve a problem they are having with their dog.

Paul & Eileen – Cockeysville


“Thank you Shane”! I could not have trained my Black Lab puppy without your assistance.”

Shane of AAA Dog Training started working with Annie when she was eleven months old and 75 lbs.. I was not able to walk her because she was too strong. Annie’s Vet classified her as a very highly energized Black Lab puppy who was all muscles and strongly suggested I get some tough training for her. I then called AAA, spoke with Shane, had him come to the house for an evaluation and hired him. Now, I am happy to report that after her next visit to see the Vet, he told me how pleased he was with Annie’s training progress (“over 50% improvement from her last visit”).

I must admit that I am happy Shane really encouraged me to obtain a shock collar, which was against my better judgment. However, it has proved to be very effective with her training both in the house and outside. I highly recommend AAA Dog Training, especially if you have a dog with particular problems.

Thanks again Shane!

Betty – Catonsville


“Now my Trouble girl listens to every word or command.”

Thank you for training my dog. Until you trained her, I couldn’t even take Trouble out on a family outing. Now she goes everywhere. Before, if I took her to the park, she would attack the other dogs and chase the birds. Any wildlife that was out there would have to run for cover. Now my Trouble girl listens to every word or command she is told. I can take her with me anywhere. She will stay by my side. I can even leave her in a stay position and not have to worry if any children come around. She no longer chases them. She no longer chases anything!

Deb – Fawngrove, PA

“We worked well together as he instructed us on how to handle the dog’s aggressive behavior. “

Shane Beardsworth is a dog training specialist who knows what he is doing. Our dog Bubba has a problem with motivated aggression. He is a shepherd mix with an alpha-male type personality. If it had not been for Shane, our dog would be gone now. We worked well together as he instructed us on how to handle the dog’s aggressive behavior. We recommend Shane for anyone who needs to solve a problem they are having with their dog.

Paul & Eileen – Cockeysville

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