Owning and raising puppies and dogs in urban environments such as Baltimore.


All dogs require training but more so in urban environments like Baltimore City. Dwellings in Baltimore are majority row, townhouses, apartments and Condominiums. Barking can become problematic to neighbors and other tenants due to living in close proximity. Dogs that do not want to be left alone become anxious and excessively bark. Exiting Condominiums and apartments require using elevators and stairs, some of the time they become crowded. Untrained, unruly dogs often, bark, jump,nip and in some cases show aggression to other dogs. Most cities have very little grass which requires dog owners to walk their dogs to parks. Often city sidewalks are crowded with moving Vehicles near sidewalks, even more important to have a dog trained in basic obedience.City Parks have many distractions which causes untrained dogs to become over exuberant which can lead to more serious behavior problems. This also applies to dogs going to play dates, dog parks and doggie daycare. I have had people tell me doggy day care expelled their dog. These are some of the reasons why it is prudent to have dogs trained in cities like Baltimore. For questions phone Shane of aaadog training cell 410-456-3647, toll-free 888-398-3647 or email aaadootraining@gmail.com

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